The fire of Kobane spread over Turkey


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The fire of Kobane spread over Turkey



24 October 2014 / International Bulletin / Special Issue 24

Fascist ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Damascus) mobs, the pawn of imperialism and colonial reactionaries of the region in Middle East, have waged a wave of attacks against Rojava’s Kobane Canton on 15 September 2014 following their massacre of Kurdish Yazidis in Shengal. For more than a month now, the Kurdish people and their military forces from YPG and YPJ have been resisting with great heroism in Kobane. They are resisting against the ISIS cruelty and barbarism for freedom and humanity, for Rojava and Kurdistan revolution and for the regional Middle East revolution.  

Imperialism and regional reactionaries, who supported and raised the ISIS as a force to “adjust” their strategic and regional policies, start experiencing difficulties in controlling the ISIS. It is because -in the absence or weakness of revolutionary and anti-imperialist progressive forces- the ISIS takes backing of the Sunni Arab people in the Middle East those who are in full hatred and anger over imperialist occupation, humiliation and plunder. The ISIS, who took the backing of social anger and imperialist support, have occupied the cities such as Mosul and Rakka, and equipped itself with heavy weaponry from Iraqi and Syrian armies that are originates from US and Russia. The fascist Turkish bourgeois state, which is in “strategic collaboration” with ISIS and therefore support it with arms, military training, logistics and political hegemony, considers the existence of Rojava revolution and its autonomous administration as a threat in terms of its own Kurdish question. It also has a common ideological ground with ISIS, Qatar and S. Arabia in the region. This is why they have tended to destroy democratic popular administration in Rojava, which could become an example for people to govern themselves in whole Middle East. Once ISIS stated that “we are aiming Marxist and secular PKK because it will be the alliance force of crusades in the region”.

In the face of defeat that ISIS received from YPG, HPG and Pashmarga in Cezaa, Shengal, Maxmur and Rabia in June-August, they have launched attack to the Rojava revolution, its democratic popular administration and one of its Cantons, the Kobane, from three fronts. And the north of Kobane was already blocked by the colonial Turkish bourgeois state through concentration of police, military and intelligence forces on the border. Kobane was forced to resist to the ISIS cruelty and barbarity under the conditions of full encirclement and isolation. So that, the alliance of TC (Turkish Republic) and ISIS has expected the fall of Kobane in just few days. This is why the President Erdogan’s statement “Kobane is in the brink of fall” caused the explosion of anger during October uprising of millions.   

But Kobane was getting strength from historical resistances such as Stalingrad, Moscow and Madrid, from 30 years of Kurdish national freedom fight, uprisings of politicised 40 million Kurdish people, struggle of the oppressed and labourer peoples of the region, Gezi June uprising and the revolutionary actions of revolutionary and socialist forces. And ISIS banged its head to the hard rock in Kobane, and its advancing has been stopped. However, the Rojava revolution and Kobane resistance did not overcome the counter-revolutionary encirclement and attack yet. The great Kobane resistance, which has been lasting for weeks, is a war of wills between revolution and counter-revolution. It is a war holding strategic importance. And it is still continuing.    

The people of Kobane, YPG and YPJ forces are the main three vanguard forces in this resistance. According to the information from YPG sources, 1294 ISIS members have been killed, 10 tanks have been destroyed and many arms and ammunitions have been seized in one month time. Dozens of YPG fighters have lost their lives in this heroic war and under the conditions of unequal and unbalanced military forces. MLCP fighters have also took their place in Rojava revolution, Shengal and Kobane resistances. MLCP fighter, Serkan Tosun, who martyred in Rojava, is now being followed by Suphi Nejat Agirnasli (Paramaz Kizilbas) who lost his life in Kobane resistance. Rojava revolution and Kobane resistance have became a castle of regional and internationalist resistance. And today, it is calling on international revolutionary and progressive forces to form internationalist regiments in Rojava.  

The entire Kurdish people are the social-political power of this resistance. The Kurdish people, who upraised in all parts of Kurdistan in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, and in Europe, claim its own future by supporting the Kobane resistance. Kurdish people, revolutionary and progressive forces in European countries, Turkey and Northern Kurdistan have flooded into Turkey-Kobane border. 30 km’s of Kobane-Suruc border line have witnessed to the guarding actions of ten thousands of people for days. Thus the transition of ISIS mobs and arms from fascist Turkish bourgeois state tried to be prevented. The colonialist regime have protected the ISIS mobs and watched the murder of Kurdish people by lining its tanks, military and intelligence forces on the border. They have attacked to the Kurdish people and revolutionaries, who were waiting on the border, with gas bombs, water cannons, plastic and real bullets. Dozens of people have been wounded. Hundreds of them have been taken into custody. Now it is preparing grounds for more ISIS attacks by emptying the settlements on the border.   

On 6-9 October, our people in Turkey and Kurdistan, in 37 cities such as Amed, Batman, Wan, Istanbul, Izmir, Adana and others took to the streets and squares in response to the urgent call by KCK and HDP . Millions of women, young people and labourers upraised under the slogan of “Everywhere is Kobane, Everywhere is Resistance” and formed barricades against fascist police and gendarmerie terror. Alawites, Caucasians, Armenians, Assyrians and all other oppressed people showed that Kobane is not alone. During the October uprising, the fascist regime did not attacked to the masses only with its official forces. It has also used hizbul-counter forces named Huda-Par in Northern Kurdistan and BBP and MHP civil fascist forces in Turkey. 36 Kurds and labourers lost their life during these attacks.

The oppressed people and revolutionary organisations of the region and the international revolutionary parties and groups, such as the members of ICOR , have supported the Kobane resistance. 

Kobane will win. As the coalition forces, the imperialists begun bombing ISIS on the air after waiting for long time by seeing this reality. The colonialist fascist bourgeois state, on one hand, tries to delay Kurdish people by saying “solution process”, but expects help from ISIS against Kurdish freedom movement in Rojava and Kobane on the other. It announces curfews and tries to legalise repression, massacre and attack through new fascist-reactionary legal regulations called “security package”. But Kurds say “there is nothing further than death” and continue with their freedom fight in a great passion.

Already the Kobane, “resistance for honour and humanity” won and went down in history. Kobane is fighting not only for itself but for the freedom and fraternity of Kurds and other people in the region. Our mind, heart and eye should be on Kobane. Kobane is a revolution, and defence of revolution is a duty of revolutionaries everywhere in the world. There are actions and tasks to fulfil everywhere for Kobane. Today is that day...


Special Issue 24 / October 2014



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